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Calling all Lego enthusiasts… Brick Wonders has landed at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum [Review]

Published: Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Lego Exhibition

Lego Exhibition at Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

Another spectacular triumph to take place at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum. This exhibition has now ended. 

Calling LEGO® builders and mini-brick architects big and small… A world of imagination and creativity is waiting for you!

A treat for all ages, bring your curiosity, build your imagination and explore the world brick by brick. With over 70 awe inspiring models, including the Great Wall of China and Niagara Falls, marvel at the shapes and structures that can be snapped together to create the most iconic man-made, natural and ancient wonders of the world.

Perhaps one of the most exciting visitors to Coventry this year, the Brick Wonders Lego exhibition has attracted Lego enthusiasts of all descriptions. It is an excellent showcase of the magic that those iconic little bricks can create.

The exhibition is divided into three themes – the Modern Wonders of the World, the Ancient Wonders of the World and the Wonders of Coventry.

Within the Modern Wonders exhibition, the star of the show is the airfield, complete with aeroplanes, waiting passengers, airport and thronging taxi rank. This is by far one of the largest pieces on display, and one of the only pieces that is not behind glass, which makes it perfect for getting up close to. In contrast, the Medicine installation is quite small, however encapsulates an operation scene perfectly. Complete with small doctors, donned in scrubs, face masks and hair nets with their faces in all in fixed concentration; either analysing their sleeping patient, or taking a look at her x-rays. Another wonderful feature to their piece is the tiny details – computers, data reflecting medical results and a glass bottle full of medicinal green stuff can all be found, and it’s a great joy to see what little touches the builders of the pieces have added.

The Ancient Wonders of the world is the larger of the three themed sections of the exhibition and houses some incredibly accurate scenes. From The Statue of Zeus at Olympia to the Medieval Old London Bridge and from the Grand Canyon to Niagara Falls and Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza, they can all be found in magnificent Lego form. Perhaps the most impressive of them all is the mythical Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Rumoured to be a magnificent Oasis in the dessert, presented by the Syrian King to his wife as a grand romantic gesture, the exact location and even definite existence has never been proven. However, this mythological quality only serves to add to the mystique surrounding its Lego form. The Lego model is based upon the romantic paintings of the Gardens with its white balconies and staircases overflowing the lush flowers and green foliage and with the occasional ancient, white robed, Lego man and woman basking in its beauty.

The Coventry Wonders are great for both visitors and residents alike. The grand feature perhaps comes and as no surprise – Coventry Cathedral, complete with Jacob Epstein’s sculpture St Michael’s Victory Over the Devil, the iconic stained glass windows, and the breath taking tapestry of Christ in Glory by Graham Sutherland that can be seen in all of its glory on the far wall of the Cathedral, behind the altar.

A Lego exhibition would not be complete without a chance to build some wonders yourself, so there is a graffiti wall featuring a different weekly theme which you can have a go at.

The exhibition is a great success and, not only is it great to really get your creative juices flowing, but perhaps what this instalment does is show that the Lego toy is great for teaching children and really making ancient and modern, natural and manmade phenomena as assessable as possible. Whatever your reason for the visit, it is absolutely one I would recommend that you take.

This exhibition has now ended.